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The Treaty Council Worldwide supports First Nations' Autonomy


 The Gudang Yadhaykenu Nation

The Tribal Governing Council of the Gudang/ Yadhaykenu nation made an official statement announcing the support of the Treaty Council for their latest project, "Wandihnu's Garden of Eden". This project is a $2.5 billion dollar investment aimed at boosting the Indigenous economy of the Gudang Yadhaykenu nation, focusing on the lands of Utingu Province, located in far North Queensland's Cape York Peninsula, Australia. The project is set to have a significant positive impact on the local economy and will generate employment opportunities for the Indigenous community. The Treaty Council's support is an important milestone for the Gudang Yadhaykenu nation and the Wymarra clan, and the project is expected to create a positive ripple effect throughout the region.



The Gudang Yadhaykenu nation, a Sovereign-Allodial Indigenous community, has recently taken a momentous step towards self-determination and economic empowerment. To exercise their Allodial rights and strengthen their economy, the Gudang Yadhaykenu Tribal Governing Council was established. This council comprises elected representatives with bloodlines to the community who will manage and govern the community's affairs. The council recently made an official statement on the 20th of February 2020, which outlines its goals and objectives for the future. This move by the Gudang Yadhaykenu nation marks a significant milestone in their journey towards autonomy and self-reliance.



Ground Breaking Ceremony for Indigenous Smart City in
Cape York

Press Release

19th November 2020



During last week's NAIDOC Week: 5-18th of November.

An Indigenous family who owns 220 acres of land in Cape York broke ground to build the first Indigenous Smart City on Indigenous clan territory.


The Wymarra family who own the land, known by its local language name of Utingu, have signalled construction to start on the Indigenous Smart City.


The Indigenous Smart City known as “Wandihnu’s garden of eden” will cost up to $2.5 billion dollars to construct. Making it the most expensive development project for the Northern Pennisula Area, turning Utingu into a Province.


The Smart City is projected to stimulate economic growth in the Remote region of far north Queensland. Supporting the locals with employment and training opportunities.


“It's about Jobs and growth for us and our people living on Gudang Yadhaykenu country, at the moment we have skilled workers signing up for CDP and Centrelink because there is no work in our region, we want to change that and close our own gap of dis-advantage and poverty” said land owner representative Alex Wymarra,


The Utingu Project is made possible with support from international investors eager to assist Australia’s Indigenous people out of economic disadvantage.

Utingu is registered in the newly formed First Nations Allodial Land Use Registry. 


Created by Treaty Council in partnership with Land Governance experts Land Equity International.


The ALUR has made it possible for all First Nation allodial land owners restricted by current Native Title laws, to legally lease and approve land permits on Indigenous sovereign lands.


The Wymarra family & their plans for Utingu Province Have been heavily supported by the Treaty Council.


The Treaty Council is the central commission for international economic assistance to all First Nation Sovereign Allodial Landowners.


Land Equity International provide land tenure and land Governance support for First Nation Landowners.


“This is a process we are undertaking to show the world's First Nations people what can be possible. If they get the right assistance from the people from Treaty Council and Land Equity International then all mobs can close the gap on poverty” Alex Wymarra said.


“Nicholas Thompson Wymarra from the Gudang Yadhaykenu Tribal Governing Council said, “We support what our clan families want to do up here and see it as a good opportunity for jobs stimulating our local economy fitting in with NAIDOCs theme this year: Always was Always will be”.


Utingu Province:


The ‘Wandihnu's Garden of Eden’ Indigenous Smart City ground breaking ceremony on Utingu was attended by Gudang Yadhaykenu Tribe Members, Utingu Clan Elders, Utingu Clan land owners, Gudang Yadhaykenu Tribal Council and also Treaty Council representatives.


“Always Was Always Will Be: Gudang Yadhaykenu Land”.






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