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We have extensive experience in managing Indigenous Allodial-Sovereign land and are dedicated to sharing our passion by supporting other Indigenous clans and nations. Our goal is to transform a difficult past into a bright and prosperous future for future generations. We achieve this by leveraging our team's expertise and knowledge through our comprehensive database.



The Treaty Council's primary objective is to offer direct assistance to Indigenous Allodial-Sovereign landowners. The Treaty Council aims to help them in the following ways:


  1. To take constructive adverse possession of their clan lands within their clan land boundaries.


  1. To register their Clan Land Allodial Land Title by using the Treaty Council's Allodial Land Use Registry System.


  1. To support Indigenous Allodial-Sovereign Landowners in monetising their lands and operating autonomously. The council aims to stimulate the economy by providing jobs and growth through economic projects.


The Treaty Council is established to aid all Indigenous Allodial-Sovereign landowners in achieving economic independence


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